Ground Screw-Supported Foundations: 
Eco-Conscious, Durable, and Efficient Installation

Quickly build stable foundations without concrete

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Seeking a simple foundation solution for your project? Look no further than Smart Foundations Ireland. Our foundations offer a dependable choice for installation without relying on concrete. With no digging required, our process is quick and easy. Count on Smart Foundations Ireland for your construction requirements.
  • Extremely stable
  • Very easy to install (quick!)
  • No digging nor concrete needed
  • Suitable for every type of soil surface

Our Services

Our innovative foundation systems redefine construction standards. Engineered for stability and speed, Smart Foundations Ireland reduces your carbon footprint while ensuring unparalleled reliability. With our cutting-edge system, installation is seamless, and extensions effortlessly attach. Forget about waiting for concrete to set—our ground screws offer swift installation without disrupting your surroundings. Say goodbye to digging and garden damage. Choose a solution that's easier, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional methods. Trust Smart Foundations Ireland for your construction needs, where efficiency meets sustainability.


ground screw installed

+9000 hours

saved time


satisfied clients

+15000 1m3

not used concrete

Our Work

The easiest and most cost effective way of getting a timber base done for your garden room or log cabin. By using a our ground screws, treated timber, EPS insulation and OSB board you creating a solid and well insulated base ready for building immediately after the installation