Thermo-D Grooved profix 26x140mm

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Scandinavian THERMOWOOD decking made of northern pine and spruce wood. The trees of Northern European forests grow more slowly, their wood is characterized by exceptional durability and appearance, a pleasant smell, and a rich brown color that penetrates the tree to its core. Chipboards are sorted according to strict Scandinavian sorting guidelines. Long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain, they will last for many years even without any protection.


No chemicals are used in the production of THERMOWOOD products. The production method is a result of extensive development work and it is based on the controlled modification of timber with high-temperature drying, thermal modification & cooling, and moisture conditioning. The process results in permanent physical and chemical changes in the wood. The new properties remain unchanged, even when the timber is processed with methods such as sawing or planing. This also applies to the color of the product.


Thermowood products differ from standard timber in several ways:
Reduced Swelling and Shrinkage due to
• Enhanced Dimensional Stability
• Better Biological Durability
• Darker Colour
• No Resin
• Lower Thermal Conductivity

  • Thermo-D Grooved Profix 26x140mm Price per Sqm